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Transforming Your Money Beliefs

I used to talk about passive income all the time, when I first started working with it. Gradually I stopped because I kept running into people who would repeat the same unhelpful belief systems outlined below and then express frustration about their money situation never changing. I got tired of saying "Do you want to be financially free or not? It's up to you!". I can't emphasize enough how important your thinking is to your results with money.

The beliefs you have about money may come from your parents, the Puritan/Christian culture of "work is its own reward", and the general scarcity consciousness of "there's not enough" that runs through our culture. Regardless of what your beliefs are or where they come from, you have the ability to adopt new beliefs that will support you in accomplishing your financial goals. I grew up with the idea that "money is evil". When I realized that I would never make any money with that belief, I changed my mind! You can too.

Unhelpful Helpful
This is too hard, complicated, etc. Others have done this and it's not rocket science. I didn't always know how to do the business I'm doing--I can learn this too.
I just don't think that way. I think however I decide to think. If I want to do this, I can.
I just don't like to think about money. I have to think about money whether I like it or not, so I might as well think in a way that is useful.
Money is hard and unpleasant. Money is a game. It's challenging and fun and I can figure out how it works and make it work for me.
That's great, but I don't see how it will work for my situation. These principles can be applied creatively anywhere. I'm going to start thinking in this new way and the ideas will come.
Prosperity happens by chance. Some people are just good with money. I am the author of my own prosperity. My money game is up to me and I can become good at it.
It's wrong or unspiritual to want to earn money without working hard for every penny. My prosperity does not detract from anyone else's. The Universe is an abundant place and I am grateful to receive.
Money is an object, like gold. Money is like water. It flows through your life and you direct the flow of it with your intentions.
It's wrong to want to be rich. It's natural to want to be rich.
People who are rich are selfish, mean, etc. I am my own person and I decide how I want to be with money. I am good, therefore I will use my money for good. I use my money to contribute to life, therefore it is good for me to be in charge of more of it.

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